Green Grocery has launched a monthly subscription service named Mashik Shodai to take the bond with customers to a whole new level. Now, grocery shop is shouldering the hassle of errands for their consumers. Usually, a major chunk of our grocery list remains unchanged every month. Green Grocery delved into the shopping – nature and designed the subscription service named Mashik Shodai.

Customers can subscribe to the service free of cost and without any subscription fee. They will be contacted to know whether they want something to be added or subtracted in the nick of time, then those sundry items to be delivered on the decided date. Customers can enjoy a discount, free home delivery, and the opportunity to return any product or replace it.  Several subscription services have been designed over customers’ diverse nature: like mashkabari, monthly best, a touch of purity, grocery smile, etc. Customers can subscribe to one or multiple services or tailor a package to their needs. Greengrocery has painstakingly been working to offer, manufacture and market safe and best quality products.  To order, you can visit or the Facebook Page: