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The service, GAG allows you to use the exterior for your business’s branding; for example, if you want the boxes to reflect your design – idea or have the logo of your business.

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Green Grocery is introducing a new service named – GAAG (Grocery as a Gift), which will inaugurate a new culture – sending premium grocery products as gifts. We send or receive gifts on numerous occasions like Women’s Day, World Health Day, or festive days like Eid, Pahela Baishakh, Christmas, etc. Green Grocery has taken a leap forward to revolutionize the present – culture introducing the non-conventional aspects of its premium grocery items.

Green Grocery has announced a number of special features of the service:  

Packaging: Green Grocery already puts meaningful importance on the packaging. The company says gift service comes with further upgradation in packaging. Packages are not only more beautiful but they are also designed smarter and more attractive. Customers can also suggest design preferences for bulk orders.


Businesses can have company-branded grocery gifts: In the last few years, we have seen a growing trend where companies are sending grocery gifts to employees and customers on special occasions such as Ramadan, Eid, and other cultural and religious occasions. Green Grocery says the grocery as a gift service will offer corporate partners to use of custom branding on their gifts. For example, you can have your design, idea or have the logo of your business on the packaging. The company provides custom design services under the package.

Customize your gift: Gift as a service comes with customizability where customers can use options like flowers or ribbons as a value-added service. Customers can choose their combo by picking available products and adding more products to them.

Home delivery: Green Grocery delivers the boxes on the customer’s behalf.Premium grocery products wrapped in intriguing boxes make excellent corporate gifts and gifts for any personal need such as for family members, friends, etc.

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সফটওয়্যার সেবাদানকারী প্রতিষ্ঠান এআরকমের প্রতিষ্ঠাতা এম আসিফ রহমানের নেতৃত্বে একদল তরুণ বিনিয়োগকারী গ্রিন গ্রোসারিতে সম্প্রতি বিনিয়োগ করেছেন।

Can’t find the right gift? This startup lets you gift groceries

Green Grocery, a Dhaka-based direct-to-consumer (D2C) startup that focuses on delivering safe food to customers, has introduced a new service called “Grocery as a Gift”.

Green Grocery grows up, experiences strong demand

Safe food startup Green Grocery has been on a roll. Founded in 2020, the startup has launched multiple new products and expanded distribution channels over the last two years.

Green Grocery receives angel investment

A group of young investors, led by M Asif Rahman, founder of ARCom & WPDeveloper, a software services company, have recently invested in Green Grocery

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